While conducting an assessment tour on the island of Abaco, officials of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) gave an update on their Homeowners Assistance Relief Program HARP) on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

DRA Executive Chairman Alex Storr explained, “we’ve completed the assessment stages we’re getting ready to sign contracts with contractors to begin repairs imminently. We are also working with a NGO that is funding some other repairs within the program. Those are slated to begin within the next couple of days. And so the homeowners in Abaco and Grand Bahama who have been crying for relief, relief is here. Right now the initial stake is $1 million but the government will supplement it as long as needed until we complete the repairs.”

According to Storr repairs of some fifty houses are to begin this week though he could not put a timeline on the completion of those repairs.