Thanks to a contest put on by the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. [BTC] and ZNS, couple Huden Sr. and Christine Johnson attended the 49th Red Cross Ball which was held last weekend at the Atlantis Resort.

Mrs. Johnson entered the content and explained to ZNS why she did so. “A few days prior to my husband had called me at work and asked me if I wanted to go – he asked me what I was doing on Saturday night and I told him I had a function on Saturday morning so I’m free on Saturday night what he wanted to do. So he say what about going to the Red Cross Ball, you know, then he mentioned the cost of the tickets to me. So I said to him we’ll think about it but the following morning when we got up I saw the ad on the community page, the promotion that was going. So I said to him, I said, um this is the year of unusual blessings, I say, we’re going to the Red Cross and we tapped and I sent the email in and the rest is history. When I got that email from Sean I was like – I still didn’t believe it because I know the promotion was running and I heard updates on the newscast about the Red Cross Ball coming up so I know that there were many persons that were entering but for us to have been chosen, I think it was just a blessing.”

Along with two tickets to the ball, the couple were dressed by Classic Formal Wear and Stepping Out.