Brothers Tyrone Oliver Jr., 28 and Shakuar Oliver, 23 were killed over the weekend at the Solomon’s Super Center on Old Trail Road.

Mother of the two men Eunice Oliver is speaking out about the loss of her sons. She said, “to be cut down at 23 and 28, I feel like I was robbed and not one, two sons. They do me dirty. I want justice.”

Oliver says she was awoken by a woman who told her of her sons’ deaths. “Its a nightmare. This the worst feelings any mother could ever have. Its like a dream, its unbelievable,” she said.

The grieving mother says that her son Tyrone was almost killed in a previous stabbing incident. She also said that boxing was his world and that he had a bright future having represented the country. Shakuar liked music and recorded songs one of which was about her.

Eunice Oliver also made this appeal, “I need justice anybody who know anything in reference to my two sons killing please come forth so the family could have closure.”