Female Parliamentarians and members of the women’s association of the Free National Movement (FNM) are voicing their concerns and demanding action on allegations of sexual assault made against a sitting Member of Parliament.

Attorney and former senator Heather Hunt said, “we want an aggressive and a transparent investigation and we do not want a ‘let’s see where this goes’ because that is the quote that came from the police when asked. So we’re not going to wait and see how it goes we want you to tell us right now, immediately, the state and the status of your investigation.”

Sen. Hon. Maxine Seymour’s comments centered around the need for a battered women’s shelter in the country. She said, “how many more women have to be hurt possibly fatally for gender based violence to be taken seriously and prioritized by the government. Every day that shelter is delayed is another 24 hours that women are forced to remain in homes that are not safe.”

For her part, Sen. Hon. Michela Barnett stated that violence against our daughters, sisters and friends impacts all of us. She continued, “as legislators we must embody and embrace the ideals of our legislation. So to have a deafening silence by an administration when these matters are on their doorstep, not on their doorstep, in their house is unacceptable.

The group recommended gender based violence offices be opened on the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco and requested more visibility from women on the governing side on issues affecting women and girls.