GB Power Update On Outages


The Grand Bahama Power Company is attributing power outages on the island over the weekend to inclement weather.

Chief Operating Officer of the Grand Bahama Power Company Nikita Mullings spoke to ZNS News addressing the outages and revealing what the company is doing to rectify the issue. Mullings said, “what the team would have done was make an assessment to identify how we could work to mitigate and improve on reliability because we knew that its not the standard that our customers are used to.”

Mullings also said the Grand Bahama Power Company has acquired new equipment. “We were able to bring in additional generation, temporary generation. And we will be testing, installing and commissioning those this week.”

The Chief Operations Officer says the installation of the temporary generation equipment will allow the company to conduct preventative and corrective maintenance on their current equipment.

Mullings encouraged customers sign up for the Grand Bahama Power Company’s Energy Advisor Program on their website.