Glinton: Should There Be A Time Limit On Political Seats?


Noted Grand Bahama Attorney Maurice Glinton is opining on the question of term limits for the holders of political seats.

He told ZNS News that he is not in favor a such a move. “If you come across a good person and that person, let’s say blessed with good health, is able to serve you and serve in the capacity of which you put him or her, whether its Prime Minister or some other, you might want to keep them,” Glinton said.

Glinton also spoke to young people saying, “its one thing to have the ambition, let’s say to sit at the head of the table and get the first cut of the beef. Are you prepared to go out there and kill the cow?” Still speaking to young politicians and hopefuls Glinton continued, “you will be in their (older politicians) position one day. You’re not gonna just get to them, get them out and then you will occupy it permanently.”