Goldwynn Beach Access Addressed


Officials at the Goldwynn Resort on Cable Beach are addressing a photograph of a sign seemingly restricting beach access to the general public circulating on social media.

Goldwynn Director of Hospitality Stuart Bowe said, “we had a sign at the edge of our pool decks. It did mention the word beach. We’ve already moved the sign. What the sign will say is that our pools and our decks are reserved for Goldwynn Resorts and Residence guests. It’s really that simple, we’ve had no issues.”

Bowe also outlined some of the initiatives that the resort have undertaken to keep the beach clean. “We’ve purchased a tractor and what we do on a daily basis from the east end of Goodman’s Bay we go down passed Sandals with the cleaning of the beach. In addition to that we’ve added a huge trash compactor free of charge that we take care of to ensure that the garbage gets taken care of on the main beach.”

Goldwynn Resort executives apologized for the error and misinterpretation of the sign.