Government ensuring that School Repairs on schedule to receive staff and students says Prime Minister Davis


As principals prepare for the academic year 2022-2023, the Hon. Philip Davis, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, advised that repairs to schools is on schedule to ensure that schools are ready to receive students and staff.

The Prime Minister presented remarks Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at the Department of Education’s Principals Conclave at Loyola Hall, Gladstone Road. Toward this end, the Prime Minister informed that he along with the Ministers of Education and Works and Utilities and technical officers recently toured many school campuses on New Providence to review progress on school repairs. He has also met with other teams in preparation for opening day. He noted the issue of school safety, as one of the “most serious” challenges confronting the Government.

“It is unacceptable to allow violence and gang activity to disrupt our schools.” He said the Royal Bahamas Police Force is working to mitigate criminal activities on school campuses and the School Resource Officers Program is a “crucial” solution as it relies on the leadership role of principals to achieve success.

The Prime Minister thanked the principals for their dedication and work with Education Management Information System, the nation’s virtual learning portal.

“For many of you teaching in brick and mortar settings is the preferred method just like some of our students who were thrown a very big curve ball. He said online learning will continue to be a tool in education and told the principals that they are being asked to add additional navigation and innovation to their already wide range of school subjects.

The Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, Minister of Education and Technical & Vocational Training, welcomed the principals and district education officers. Minister Hanna-Martin appealed for a reform of bureaucracy. She said, “Education cannot be a process just limping along. We are facilitators of excellence for our young people. When we are off the scene, the next generation comes and they will be as good as we prepare and refine them. That’s our job — to ensure that they are all they can be.”

She remarked that the work, responsibility and obligation of principals on a daily basis is unmatched.

“We have the hierarchy, but the truth is at the ground level are our principals. This is where I believe we need to focus on to support the work of the principals.

The task is complex, multifaceted, extremely challenging on occasion as you deal with multiple constituencies on any given day to facilitate the policy of the Ministry of Education and we want you to succeed. We want to support what you do. We want every single school campus to become a satellite of excellence in this nation.”

Speakers for the day’s conclave included: Bishop Neil Ellis, Senior Pastor, Mount Tabor Church; Dr. Chaswell Hanna, Chief Superintendent, Royal Bahamas Police Force; Sharmaine Sinclair, Deputy Director of Education; Dr. Raymond Wells, Data Analyst.

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