Several government ministers delivered speeches at the Progressive Liberal Party’s national convention on Friday evening.

The Minister of Social Services, Information and Broadcasting, the Hon. Myles Laroda told the crowd that he will carry on the work left by the late Hon. Obie Wilchcombe at the ministry. “We’re talking about 200 people either confirmed to their posts or promoted, over 300 homes that has been repaired and I can speak to this because I was in Grand Bahama this week and last week and the week before. I hear the concerns of individuals but I also hear the compliments. And the love of West Grand Bahama and Bimini for the Progressive Liberal Party.”

Also speaking on the final night of the convention was Minister of Works and Family Island Affairs, the Hon. Clay Sweeting. He said, “in Central and South Eleuthera alone we are building subdivisions, providing affordable homes for Bahamians. We are paving roads from the north to the south. We are putting money on the ground. We are building medical facilities, renovating airports, growing the economy.

For her part, Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey spoke to the government’s efforts on that island. “Your PLP government, we have actioned over $1.5 billion in signed new investments in Grand Bahama since coming to office. The FNM has four and a quarter years to do this and couldn’t move the needle.”

Minister of Transport and Energy, the Hon. Jobeth Coleby Davis told those gathered, “there are some who would have you believe that we have not done anything, but I implore you my PLPs and fellow Bahamians, do not be deceived. If you don’t believe me ask the scores of Bahamians who are now homeowners. If you don’t believe the new homeowners ask the dozens of taxi drivers who are now business owners and no longer leasing taxi plates.”