Health & Wellness Minister tours RBDF Southern Command

The Honourable Dr. Michael Darville, Minister of Health & Wellness, during a recent visit to Matthew Town, Inagua. (RBDF Photo courtesy of RBDF SOUTHERN COMMAND)

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Dr. Raymond King’s strategic intent for Decentralization of Defence Force

the Honourable Dr. Michael Darville, Minister of Health & Wellness, recently visited Matthew Town, Inagua, to see first-hand the conditions of the healthcare facility, and a follow up assessment of the facility where migrants are temporarily detained on the island. Accompanying Minister Darville was the Minister of State for Education, the Honourable Zane Lightbourne, who were all welcomed by Captain Glenn McPhee, Captain SOUTHERN COMMAND. After their tour of the Healthcare and Education facilities, the delegation visited the migrants’ holding facility. It is anticipated that the remaining one hundred and seventy (170) migrants will be repatriated on Thursday 14, October to the Republic of Haiti.

The Minister of Health & Wellness made provisions for a significant supply of unused oxygen- filled tanks to be transported via HMBS Lignum Vitae to Inagua on Sunday 10, October 2021.

HMBS Lignum Vitae is taking up her position within the maritime blockade (Operation Blue Thumb) of our southern borders. The Minister also made provisions for additional medical supplies to be transported via Defence Force aerial support craft on Tuesday 12 October, 2021.The Defence Force aerial support craft continues its routine reconnaissance flights in support of Operation Blue Thumb. The HMBS Matthew Town Deployment Team is currently led by Sub Lieutenant Darius Adams, Base First Lieutenant SOUTHERN COMMAND, who is assisted by Chief Petty Officer Salathiel Simmons. The mission of the SOUTHERN COMMAND is “To ensure continuity of administration, operations, and logistical support for all RBDF missions originating, transiting through or around the Southern Bahamas”.

The RBDF has maintained a vigilant watch with patrol vessels that have been deployed to the southeast Bahamas to strengthen the Force’s posture against the migrant surge. The organization remains committed to collaborating with local and international partner agencies while protecting the territorial integrity of The Bahamas and keeping our borders secured.