The HMBS Flamingo of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was attacked by Cuban fighters and subsequently sunk near Cay Santo Domingo on May 10th, 1980.

Greg Curry was a member of the crew of that ship as the lead mechanic and back up radio operator. He recounted details of the incident to ZNS News. “An array of bullets hit the boat itself, you know just blow everything up, just blow everything up. And the boat was like it was on fire after a while. We pull it to neutral to a stop and you know everybody was in a panic. That’s first time we ever got physically attacked. Everyone was just running ’round, running ’round and then we saw that the boat was hit so bad the captain eventually said to abandon ship,” Curry said.

Curry went further saying, “just before the head count, right after the head count, we looked at the Flamingo, she was still floating. But they were still hitting it, just hitting it, hitting the Flamingo. She was putting like a top, she was spinning like a top, missiles and bullets…they was trying to sink it. And eventually Flamingo give up and see just stood up straight and went straight down. Everybody stood up and salute.”