The Torii Gate at the the International Bazaar located in Freeport, Grand Bahama was demolished on Wednesday by the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

Resident Edward ‘Eddie’ Meadows was a proponent of keeping the Gate. He spoke to ZNS News saying, “so many events and memories. The Goombay Summer, back in the day we had a grand prix car race around here. It just holds so many memories. I think they should incorporate it into the new…I mean I know their gonna have their own symbol for the new one but the Torii Gate can, you know, have lil’ seat around it. In fact its a piece of art that’s already there, they don’t need to create a new piece of art.”

Another resident opined, “the Torii Gate, you know if its not no Bazaar you should take it down because its really a Chinese symbol anyhow and then the China Town is gone and all that stuff.”

Demolition of the International Bazaar begin last week as part of the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s derelict buildings removal exercise.

Feature Photo Credit: Dick Ebert