Members of the opposition in the House of Assembly proposed a select committee be appointed to investigate immigration in the country. The move was rejected by the governing party.

In his contribution on the issue Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis spoke against the proposed committee. He said, “we are sufficiently satisfied that the appointment of a select committee to look into these matters again continues to kick the can down the road and would not bring the results that we think that we can do by what we have been doing as we have demonstrated. I think part of the issue that attended to us and this issue is that the Bahamian people and the Bahamian public was not clear on what government has been doing and they were unaware of or we have not properly communicated, and we accept that, of the things that we have been doing and that in fact we do have a national policy framework on immigration.”

The Prime Minister went further inviting the opposition to share their ideas. “If you have good ideas and solutions to propose to add to our efforts those, of course, are most welcome and well be given all due consideration. There’s nothing to stop you from proposing along with all the opposing you like to do. We urge you to stick to the facts at all times, that’s all we ask. For example, this fact over the course of one year we have repatriated more individuals than any other year in our country’s history.”