The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) held the annual Jollification event over the weekend at its Village Road headquarters. BNT Executive Director Lakiesha Anderson-Rolle was in attendance and spoke to ZNS News about the event.

Anderson-Rolle said, “so this event was inspired by a group of volunteers and we recognize the need to be able to fundraise for the beautiful retreat gardens which is an urban national park here in the city of New Providence. This year, we are actually celebrating 30 years of Jollification. And this is really the anticipated event that kicks off the Christmas season and this year we have more than one hundred vendors. So this is a great place to start your Christmas shopping early.”

Anderson-Rolle also gave a run down of some of the vendors that participated in the event. “We have artists providing their crafts. We have Christmas craft vendors and there’s so many more candles, straw bags. A lot of the local vendors are here on property for the two day event.”

A first time vendor at the event was the Lemonade Lab. Co-founder Brittany Hanna Palacious spoke to ZNS News about the experience. “It is an exciting feeling. This is our first time at Jollification. We’re just excited to be here. We actually just started this in the summer where it was hot and my sister, she’s in partnership with me. She’s only 15 years old. Just for her to so something in the summer and learn entrepreneurship, we came up with this business.”