John Watling Distillery, Ltd. Expands Reach to the United States


John Watling’s Distillery, Ltd. is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its development, as it embarks on a new venture to bring
the Bahamian craftsmanship of JOHN WATLING’S rum to the United States. This exciting development is made possible through a strategic distribution agreement with Total Wines & More, one of the United States’ premier wine and spirits retailers.

The partnership with Total Wines & More marks a significant step forward for JOHN WATLING’S rum, allowing John Watling’s Distillery to introduce its distinctive rums to an even broader audience. Starting this fall, consumers in the United States will have the opportunity to
experience the exceptional craftsmanship of JOHN WATLING’S Pale, JOHN WATLING’S Amber and JOHN WATLING’S Paradise rums.

Total Wine & More, a family-owned and privately held American alcohol retailer headquartered in Maryland, has established itself as a premier destination for alcohol enthusiasts, boasting an impressive selection of products that spans a wide spectrum of alcoholic beverages,
encompassing an extensive array of over 3,000 types of spirits, wherever legal regulations permit. Total Wine & More operates 257 superstores across 28 states and continues to grow.

Jose Portuondo, Managing Partner at John Watling’s Distillery, shared his thoughts on the expansion: “It’s an honor to bring our Bahamian heritage and exceptional rums to the United States. Each bottle of JOHN WATLING’S rum embodies our dedication to tradition and
innovation. We believe that American consumers will appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into every drop.”