After the successful return of Junkanoo to Bay Street with the holding of the 2022 Boxing Day and 2023 New Year’s Day parade. Head of the Junkanoo Corporation New Providence [JCNP], Dion Miller is outlining some of the challenges that were faced.

“We had a major challenge with the Boxing Day parade. The seating vendor incorrectly labeled all of the seats on the northern side of the parade which caused a mass confusion. And so for Boxing Day parade every single seat on the northern side which is the Scotiabank side were labeled wrong and it gave the appearance that there are duplicates in tickets but the issue was that everything was labeled wrong. So for example, if your seat was number one, row two on the eastern side you were seated on the western side.”

Miller also highlighted the lack of sponsorship, “…the government stepped up again this year and assisted the groups. The JCNP was able to gather sponsorship and assist the groups but the sponsorship just wasn’t there as it was in years past. And so we have already begun the process of appealing to corporate Bahamas. We’re back, Junkanoo is back, Junkanoo is alive and were going to need your assistance if we want to grow and sustain this thing called Junkanoo.”

A meeting of Junkanoo stakeholders is expected at the end of the month to discuss the parades.