A memorial service was organized and held in Pinewood Gardens to honor the life of the late Kenise Darville. Darville died in the Princess Margaret Hospital last month. Before her passing, while hospitalized she posted a video to Facebook detailing her experience in hospital.

The service was held on Wednesday evening on the Pinewood Gardens Park. Darville’s cousin, Italia Wilson spoke to ZNS News at the event. “Tonight is a very special night for our family for more than one reason. It [the event] was moved up one day because tonight is actually her mom’s birthday. You may or may not know, her mom died in December suddenly and buried in December as well and it was really or intention to honour her mom’s birthday today. She would have turned 60 today.”

Asked whether there was any update concerning investigations announced by the Public Hospitals Authority into the death of Darville Wilson said, “unfortunately no. We have not gotten any update and so we wait patiently just to hear what the overall outcome is going to be with the investigation.”

The funeral service for Kenise Darville will be held on Saturday February 11th at Mount Tabor Church, Pinewood Gardens.