It has been announced that the government intends to increase the monthly contribution rates at the National Insurance Board prompting comments and questions from the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Michael Pintard.

Speaking to reporters outside of the House of Assembly, Pintard said, “to what extend are they holding employers accountable? Should they appoint persons in key positions including positions of Ambassador if they still have hundreds of thousands of dollars that are in fact outstanding? So the government should have a candid conversation with the public. They should also have a discussion about whether or not the age for retirement will remain the same or if they intend to make an adjustment to that.”

Also commenting on the issue was Minister of State with responsibility for the National Insurance Board, the Hon. Myles Laroda. Speaking to members of the media outside of Cabinet this week Laroda said, “we are at a decision, have a little bit of cleaning up to do with regards to the decision that was made and we will be coming forth shortly with the direction of which the National Insurance Board would go with regards to the raise in contribution rates and other recommendations that was made in the report that the executive management team of the National Insurance Board has recommended to the government that in their view needs to change.”

A rate rise of 1.5% is expected to take effect in July 2023.