New Life Worship Center in Grand Bahama is offering its apprenticeship program to young residents for the third time. Senior Pastor of the church, Pastor Simeon Outten along with Chairman of the program, Dominic Roache appealed to parents to register their children. The program is geared toward seventh to twelfth graders offering vocational courses.

Roache told ZNS News, “we’ve actually graduated over four hundred persons so far and what it means to us is that, you know, those kids now have an opportunity to participate and to contribute, you know, after graduation. Whether it be as a primary source of income, secondary source, a way to feed your family, even if you want to raise funds to go off to school. Those kids now have an opportunity to do that. In Grand Bahama, as we know, its not the best economy right now however, these particular trades, you know, have been around forever.”

For his part, Pastor Outten says that parents and guardians of those who have gone through the program are offering credit and encouragement and say that the program has not only offered education but discipline.