The Chief Councillor for East Grand Bahama is responding to the ten percent budget increase slated for local government councils in the next fiscal year.

Marcus Cooper told ZNS News, “the increase in funding for the further development of our communities again, particularly East Grand Bahama after Dorian. I think that the Minister for Local Government and the government as a whole ought to be applauded for its effort.”

Cooper went futher saying, “it is a welcomed news. It is one that we anticipate should have happened sometime particularly after Dorian. And I know some may say ten percent may seem small or appear to be little or perhaps even a drop in the bucket but for East Grand Bahama it is that one drop that will create that ripple effect whereas we can make positive impact for our various community.”

The Chief Councillor thanked the Ministries of Finance and Grand Bahama for their assistance in returning some since of normalcy to East Grand Bahama.