The Prime Minister and former Prime Minister engaged in a war of words in the House of Assembly while debating the 2023/24 budget.

During his contribution, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis defended actions by his administration in addressing issues brought to their attention by investors of the Bahamar and Albany properties. He said, “we met with the executives of Bahamar who expressed a concern that they thought their product would be somewhat jeopardized because of the amount of smoke coming across that their guest were exposed to from the dump. And Bahamar said that if that was no fixed their tourist product could be jeopardized and probably not grow as rapidly as they expect. Madam Speaker, we fixed it.”

Minnis went further, “Albany said their product was in some degree of jeopardy also in terms of expansion because the leakage at Clifton, the leakage of the oil at Clifton which stained or contaminated the haul of the yachts within Albany and the adjoining area. And Albany said to us that that’s a matter that has to be resolved. We fixed it.”

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis responded to Dr. Minnis defending his administration’s actions to resolve the oil leak issues at Clifton. He said, “after many studies as to the cause and effect of the leakage, it was the result of many many years of leakage in the ground. And because of what they call the vacuum effect of tidal rise and low tide that sucked the oil from the ground. It was fixed by a contract issued by myself to a construction company that built, after many studies, built the bulk head wall along the shore of Clifton which was done under my watch.”