The month of May has been designated at Mental Health Month under the theme More Than Enough.

Dr. Petra Forbes of Sandilands Rehabilitation Center spoke to ZNS News about the green color and focus for the month. She said, “it signifies new life, new beginning, new chances but the theme this month is More Than Enough. And when they say More Than Enough, persons with mental illness are usually stigmatized, they are usually looked at as less than. So for example, I have Schizophrenia, I am not a burden to my family I am more than enough. I have depression, depression makes my feel like I am not loveable but I am more than enough.”

“I want people to know that one in every eight persons have some sort of mental illness. So its not as far off or rare as we would think and that there is help available and treatment available. And that does not always come in the form of hospitalization or starting medication. We have different modes to help individuals depending on the severity of their diagnosis,” Forbes said.