Minister Lloyd, on Career Path for Teachers

(BIS Photo/Kemuel Stubbs)

Min. of Education the Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd has announced that public school teachers with outstanding performance records who have been teaching for ten years or more will have the opportunity to apply for the posts of Senior and Master Teacher. Min. Lloyd addressed the “Career Path for Teachers” in his contribution on the 2021/2022 Budget to the House of Assembly on June 2.

“The advancement of our teachers is of paramount importance to the Ministry, as we are cognizant that their advancement affects the growth of our students,” said Mr. Lloyd.

He informed Parliamentarians that during the upcoming fiscal period, the Career Path Section, in the seventh assessment exercise for teachers, seeks $136,200.00 to facilitate engagement of lead assessors and materials required to begin the assessment process.

“The Career Path Section seeks to improve teacher morale, recognize and reward excellence among teachers within the public school system, improve the quality of teaching and the standard of education in the country. After several years of abeyance, in 2019, the section began preparing for a new assessment cycle to facilitate the promotion of eligible teachers within our system.

“In 2020, the Career Path Section offices reopened, the handbook was revised, and in 2021, lead assessors were identified to begin training of assistant assessors, school administrators, and teachers for promotional assessment. “Our senior and master teachers that serve within our schools have been supported through virtual meetings and workshops to prepare them to conduct relevant educational research,” said Minister Lloyd.