The ongoing back and forth between members of the government and officials at the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) continued this week with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service, the Hon. Fred Mitchell responding to an August 21st statement released by the GBPA. The statement was in response to comments made by Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis while he visited Grand Bahama last week.

On the statement Mitchell said, “there’s a way to deal with relations to the government and this is not the way.”

The Minister also said, “you have the evidence of what happened after the hurricanes. You have their abandonment of the airport and their responsibilities with regard to the airport. The Minister of Works in The Bahamas tells me that in order to fix a road or to pave a road in this country, one million a mile. The Grand Bahama Port Authority announces that they’re gonna invest $600,000 in fixing roads in Grand Bahama. I mean this is laughable.”

Mitchell says that the government is seeking to resolve the issues and that should negotiations not yield a result legal steps would have to be taken.