The Minister of Social Services and Urban Development says his ministry is doing all it can to meet the demand for assistance in the country as the misery index remains high.

The Hon. Obie Wilchcombe said, “we’ve seen where they’re having difficulties with rent.  We’re seeing them having difficulties with electricity bills and all other bills that relate to their existence.  So what we’re trying to do is continue to grow the economy cause that’s essential.  And as the economy grows we’re then able to lift the support of our people and provide greater assistance.  What we don’t want is people to ever be on the social service line.”

Wilchcombe also spoke about the Ministry’s shelter program.  “While we take people in and provide shelter.  What we want to do it provide the shelter but in providing the shelter they will be responsible for attending certain programs aimed at improving them. And as they improve themselves we will also be spending time finding jobs and they will transition out of the shelter into the jobs, into their own responsibility.  That’s what we must do because you cannot allow people to believe there’s no hope, there’s no help.”