A man accused of murder was shot to death on Alexandria Blvd. in the Carmichael Road area on Wednesday morning.

Officer In Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson was on the scene of the incident.  He told members of the media, “on our arrival we discovered the lifeless body of a black male who appears to be in his early thirties  with multiple gunshot wounds about the body.”

According to the Chief Superintendent the victim is known to police.  “He is being electronically monitored and is on bail for four murders.  As recent as 2018 he has been charged with several other serious offences which he is also on bail for other than the murders,” he said.

Johnson appealed to residents of the community where the incident happened for information. He said, “we’re looking for a small silver Japanese type vehicle  which we believe the suspects were in.  As he exited his vehicle they approached him and opened fire on him shooting him multiple times.”

Johnson also advised those who are on bail to remain invisible because they eventually become targets.  He also cautioned those who hang with such individuals to be very careful because they are targets.