Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and other government officials attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a new community center to be built in Nassau Village. Prime Minister Davis told attendees, “we’re not just laying the foundation for a building, we are nurturing the roots of unity, growth and development. This community center will also serve as a pillar of our commitment to safety and security. Just as the center is being built, we are bolstering our security efforts from the recruitment of new police officers to empowering anti-crime initiatives.”

The Member of Parliament for Nassau Village, the Hon. Jamahl Strachan was also present and hopes the community center brings about change. “For far too long our inner city neighbourhoods have been plagued with the pointless acts of criminality and violence. I believe that this center will act as a disruptive mechanism.” he said.

Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe spoke to members of the media on the sidelines of the event and foreshadowed the construction of community centers in other constituencies. He said, “you could expect to see that these are coming for instance in Centreville very shortly, in Mount Moriah very shortly, in Freetown very shortly, in Englerston very shortly. And since we have seen some issues in Hatchet Bay recently, potentially in Eleuthera very shortly.

Once completed the Nassau Village Center, which is intended to double as a hurricane shelter, will have meeting rooms, offices, entertainment areas and a kitchen. The building will also be equipped with a standby generator.