District Superintendent for Education in Grand Bahama Ivan Butler spoke to ZNS News about preparations for examinations saying parents should play an important role.

“All of our schools are now in what we call examination mode and so we’ve eliminated must extra curricular activities and our focus is strictly on examinations. Our honourable Minister of Education, the Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin had a PTA meeting last night that spoke to the results and strategies that we can work with parents to improve the assessment of our GLAT examinations. And so we extend an invitation to parents to come to our schools to get tips, to get strategies in how to work with their children, to work along with us for better results in our national examinations,” Butler said.

He further stated, “we want parents to know the importance of children getting a good nights rest, being prepared, getting to the examination center on time and a number of other worthwhile tips that we are more than happy to share with parents so we all can share in the joy and success of their children passing our national examinations.”