Multiple homicides incidents occurred in the capital on Tuesday with men being shot and killed on Minnie Street and on Montgomery Avenue.

Police were on both scenes and provided details to members of the media. Assistant Commissioner of Police Ken Taylor said, “at 2:30 this afternoon we would have had a victim, he drove his Nissan vehicle north along Minnie Street a silver van would have pulled up alongside of him, shots were fired. The victim would have attempted to get out of that vehicle and fell to the street just at the back of us where he met his demise.”

The second incident occurred in the Flamingo Gardens community. Taylor said, “we received information that there were two vehicles, a silver Japanese vehicle and a white Japanese vehicle. The silver Japanese vehicle began firing shots at the white Japanese vehicle which resulted in the passenger in that vehicle being shot multiple times about the body. He succumbed as a result of his injuries. We do know that the victim is on bail for murder and he is affixed with electronic monitoring device.”

The murder count now stands at 43.