Over 100 Youths receive Numeracy and Literacy Awards from the National Training Agency

Over 100 Youths receive Numeracy and Literacy Awards from the National Training Agency during a ceremony held on Wednesday, 2nd June. Pictured: Executive Director, Gadville McDonald (centre right) poses for a group shot with the first batch of award recipients.

After having to stall a program for months due to the lockdowns brought on as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, some 130 youths have completed the pre-apprentice program and were awarded certificates. A ceremony was held at the National Training Agency on Wednesday, June 2. Executive Director, NTA, Gadville McDonald said that he was excited that the youths have completed the course and wished them the best in their future

“The whole objective of the NTA is to change our country at its core, so we do all that we can to reach each person who passes through our doors,” we adopt unique methodology, innovative ways to teach and try to accommodate the various learning styles to meet our objectives to assist students.”

Mr. McDonald also thanked partners, assessors and staff for their commitment to their jobs. The cohort began with 168 youths, who pursued soft skills for work force readiness, which included literacy and numeracy courses. Despite the lockdowns, the students were able to complete the courses. 130 students received certificates in numeracy and 96 received for both numeracy and literacy.

One of the students, Alex Bain, a recent graduate of Anatol Rodgers High School, said that he was excited to complete the course.

“I was so surprised but happy when they called us after the lockdowns to tell us that we were going to continue with the classes,” he said. “It was a great opportunity for me to go through the program.”

Alex plans to pursue his studies at Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute in the Fall. His mother, Angela Smith was also in attendance to support him. She said that she was so happy for her son.

“This was an excellent program for my son, Alex,” he was still in school when he started taking the classes and despite the lockdowns, he remained positive about completing the courses.” Another student, Alex Burrows, said that he had a ‘ton of fun.’ “This was really a great experience for me. I learned so many things and I hope to apply this knowledge to my studies when I go off to university later this year.”