Pharmacies in the country closed their doors on November 1st in response to Government’s price control initiative.

Noted Attorney Osman Johnson weighed in on the issue calling the action by the Bahamian pharmacies illegal. “Our fundamental right of access to medication, they have chosen to use it as a pawn in their political game with the government.”

Mr. Johnson also said, “Its grossly irresponsible for them to issue such a statement in the first place being fully cognizant and aware of the vital necessity that our citizen must have access to medication. Its objectionable and I cry shame on all of them this morning.”

Dr. Leviticus Rolle also opined saying, “In understand that this is until further notice. I guess the extent of the problem depends on how long that ‘until further notice’ is going to last. I mean a day or two without medication can be a problem for some patients, for many patients.” He says that of the thirty patients he sees per day twenty of them need medication and that if the strike persists beyond forty eight hours the health care system will be in serious trouble.

Attorney Johnson also called on the government to reprimand the Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association for their statement.