The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) held a press conference on Monday announcing plans for its upcoming national convention.

Chairman of the PLP, the Hon. Fred Mitchell said, “the dates have to be formally approved by the National General Council, this banquet will probably come on the heels of that convention.  The constitution prescribes what’s supposed to happen at conventions there won’t be any deviation from that.  There’s been a change of procedures with the new constitution which is there’s no longer nominations from the floor.  So nominations take place in advance so we’ll know whether there’s going to be a contest or not.”

Mitchell also spoke to nominations for the Lynden Pindling Jubilee Awards. “First they must be members of the Progressive Liberal Party or known supporters of the progressive cause. Secondly, honours for persons who’ve made a seminal contribution to the development of the history of the Progressive Liberal Party over the seventy years and these can be either living or dead, who have never served as members of parliament or senators, who established the Party’s presence in their island or communities, who provide examples of courage and fortitude defending the progressive cause in the face of unrelenting opposition.  Both men and women ought to be considered for their roles.”