The Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis, expressed his displeasure with the speed of recovery on Abaco post Hurricane Dorian. He spoke with reporters on the matter saying, “I can say that since taking office we have accelerated our plans. We have set up a homeowners assistance relief program to help them immediately. As you would know for at least two and a half years there were nothing done but we have been giving people homes, we’ve built homes. We gave at least two homes while we were there, other home are now being constructed and we have now stepped up the pace make sure that the challenges of housing in Abaco is answered.”

Government is working to speed up its recovery efforts with the newly launched Homeowners Assistance and Relief Program by the Disaster Reconstruction Authority which has been allocated $2 million dollars to help with home repairs of those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Assistance will also be available through programs by the Ministries of Social Services and Housing. However the Prime Minister said, “I will not be pleased until I can put homes over the head of most of those persons who don’t have homes. I’ll not be pleased until I am sure that normalcy has been returned to the lives of those people in Abaco and thats still a challenge. And part of the challenged is not just the physical environs but also the mental state of the resident there. I’ll not be pleased until I am satisfied we have a response to all of that.”