Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis, along with other government officials toured public schools ahead of the new school year which begins August 29th. Several schools are receiving much needed renovations and repairs as students return to in person learning. Palmdale Primary School was one of the schools visited. At another of the schools under renovation, the Prime Minister told reporters that schools will open on schedule.

The school repair and renovation program is estimated to have cost approximately $30 million. The Minister responsible for Public Works, the Hon. Alfred Sears, was also on hand and said, “some of these projects the scope comprised repair, but as we saw at Uriah McPhee, we also have capital work.” A pavilion is under construction at Uriah McPhee Primary School. Minister Sears said that the “project will give the school the opportunity for activities to happen outside.” The project also includes a tuck shop and provision for lunch vendors.

At T. A. Thompson School workmen were still on the property carrying out construction. Concerning this, Prime Minister Davis said, “this is a whole transformation for the T. A. Thompson School. As you are aware, the students were relocated from the school about a year ago cause the place was just uninhabitable and the building was condemned, but has been saved and restored to what it is now today.”

As students return to schools and in person learning resumes, it is expected that COVID-19 protocols will be fully enforced.