Village Road is currently under construction and the transformation of Gladstone Road is in the works. The Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Public Works and Utilities gave reporters an update of the status of roadworks happening in the capital. Of Gladstone Road, he said, “we will commence the consultation shortly, I cannot give you an exact date because that has not been set, but it will be early. Currently the technical team and also the designers are engaged in consultation with some of the stakeholders.”

Gladstone Road is expected to be transformed into a four lane thoroughfare. Property adjustments were needed for the roadworks project on Village Road and Minister Sears says that the preliminary works are underway for Gladstone Road. He said, “on some of the properties we have issues that are being resolved. So whenever you have the expansion of a roadway it involves property issues which have to be resolved either by way of negotiation or the government making a public acquisition and paying compensation to the landowner. So those issues are being undertaken.”

The Gladstone Road Project is expected to mimic other recently renovated highways in the capital with the addition of roundabouts. Minister Sears says that Gladstone Road “is a project, like the Village Road project will improve the efficiency of that major thoroughfare in terms of people moving back and forth to work, school and recreational use.”