PMH Policy Regarding Dropping Off Items for Patients


As part of its COVID-19 Infection Prevention Protocols the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) maintains the restriction of visiting hours at the Hospital and a robust policy regarding the drop off of items for patients.

Items may be dropped off daily from 12pm – 1pm and from 6pm – 8pm. All items must be packaged in a secure bag clearly labeled with the patient’s name and designated ward. Only one (1) bag per patient is allowed per drop off. All packages designated for delivery will undergo inspection by the PMH security team upon arrival to ensure they are compliant with Hospital policies. Packages will only be accepted for distribution if the name of the patient and the name and contacts of the person delivering the package are obtained.

The public should note that ONLY the following items are permitted in Hospital:
• Nightgown or pajamas
• Socks
• Underwear
• Robe and slippers
• Toiletries
• Washcloth and bath towel

Relatives will be required to complete an additional form for delivery of special RECOVERY ITEMS for patients. The following is a list of approved RECOVERY ITEMS for patients whilst in hospital.
• Prescription eyeglasses
• Wheelchair