Family members of Daniel Sturrup who was shot and killed in a police involved shooting on the island of Grand Bahama are questioning the actions taken by the officers. Sturrup was found on the balcony of his home holding two cutlasses and is said to have mental health issues.

Member of Sturrup’s family Jamal Brown told ZNS News, “this is a tragedy that has really devastated the hearts of our family, the entire Sturrup family.”

Brown also spoke of an incident that happened in 2015 where another Sturrup’s father was killed by his mother who suffered from schizophrenia. Brown said, “when we look at what happened two Sundays ago that grief and the emotions and everything, it was overwhelming simply because we have not really heeled from back at that moment in 2015.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Stephen Rolle said in an interview that police were responding to reports of an attempted break in at an apartment complex when they encountered Sturrup who refused to drop the weapons he was holding.

According to Brown the police were aware of the mental health condition of Sturrup and should have employed alternative means to deescalate the situation. “There was no need for another five shots after he was down the very first time. And so for us we’re devastated, we’re absolutely broken and there is a cry for justice,” Brown said.