Police Investigate Murder of Recent College Graduate


Police discovered the partially decomposed body of a young male in the truck of a car in the area behind the Centreville Food Store on August 16th. The body has subsequently been identified as that of Omar Davis Jr. A young Bahamian who had recently graduated from Central State University in the United States.

Members of the public and family members of the deceased flocked to the scene where police were conducting their initial investigations. Chief Superintendant Michael Johnson informed that, “the police received information of a vehicle that was parked in a bushy area just at the rear of a food store. When the police arrived they noticed a black Honda Fit, all of the doors were closed and they became suspicious because there were some items in the vehicle that appeared to be that of a body. We was able to open the vehicle and uncover what we found out to be the remains of a male in a garbage bag with multiple wounds to the head, face and chest area. Our CSI persons, we collected alot of exhibits from this scene and we are following significant leads in this matter.”

To the question of how long that body was in the area, Chief Superintendent Johnson said, “it appears that the body is in the early stages of decomposition and could have been in the back there for about twenty four hours.”

Omar Davis Jr. has been described as a young Bahamian scholar. In 2018, he was an honouree in the Alpha Phi Alpha honors day convocation. He was valedictorian of C. I. Gibson High School. He was also awarded a Ministry of Education scholarship to continue his education at a tertiary level. Davis Jr. was 21 years old at the time of his death.

Four men between the ages of 20 and 56 years of age are in police custody cencerning this matter.