Officer in Charge of School Policing Chief Superintendent Chaswell Hanna of the Royal Bahamas Police Force participated in a press conference where he advised parents of drugs packaged as candy.

Hanna highlighted a brand called Canaburst.  He said, “a child may pick this up and think this is a regular popular brand but it’s not, it’s infused with marijuana.”  He held up another package resembling the popular brand Chips Ahoy called Trips Ahoy.  He said that product was also marijuana infused.

The Chief Superintendent went further saying, “parents we want you to be aware when you purchase these items or when your kids may purchase them of the street, you have vendors alongside the road etc. check to see what these kids are buying.”

Hanna said, “we’ve had incidents in the last academic year where students were consuming these products and some had to be hospitalized.  We also completed a public service announcement that you would have seen where a child bought some candies to school and end up having to be taken to the hospital cause they were marijuana edibles.  It’s like a gateway to more serious drugs and to get these kids involved in drug use and abuse.”