A launch ceremony was held at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services (BDOCS) for the new Grow Your Child Program on Thursday.  The program is aimed at reconnecting female inmates with their children.

BDOCS inmate Katriona Gilbert spoke at the event saying, “as a parent one would never dream of themselves being away from their children for an extended period of time. But the reality of it is parents do make mistakes and some of those mistakes can even lead to a parent being sent to prison for a short time or a long time.”

Gilbert is the mother of two children and grandmother of one child.  She says the Grow Your Child Program will help her assist her 16 year old with homework and other things.”

Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe was also in attendance.  In his remarks he made the point that the minor children of most inmates are raised by their grandmothers, not the child’s father.  “And so it is very important therefore that we understand that just about all of these ladies will be released at some point.”

Munroe went further saying, “what the Department of Corrections is embarked on, in this day, at this event is really to adhere to the biblical mandate that children are to be raised by their parents and that is how it is to go.”

This program will allow female inmates a four hour visit with their children once  per month.