The Atlantis Resort has spent millions of dollars to carry out infrastructural upgrades at its property on Paradise Island.

Atlantis President and Managing Director Audrey Oswell detailed the projects.  She said, “we just completed the complete renovation of the Royal Tower rooms.  We’re starting on the Cove rooms next, they’ll start early next year.  But as we do public areas we also take time to do the infrastructure.  Royal is gonna celebrate its 25th anniversary in December this year.  We’re fixing up our back of house areas, replacing a lot of elevators and just doing general maintenance.  It’s similar to what you would do in your home.”

Oswell also said that many new features will be available at the property in 2024 that she is not yet ready to reveal.

Speaking on the occupancy numbers at the mega hotel the Managing Director said that this summer was the busiest on record.  She said, “we are going into not quite ready but close to going into our fourth quarter and we’re anticipating that this will be the busiest fourth quarter that we’ve ever had in the history of the resort.  So tourism is strong in The Bahamas.  Its significantly stronger at Atlantis than its ever been coming out of COVID and even pre-COVID.  Rates are strong they’re still holding and holding into next year.”