The Minister of Social Services and Urban Development held a meeting with representatives of women’s groups in the country on the Protection Against Violence Act.

The Hon. Obie Wilchcombe gave his take on the outcome of the talks.  He said, “they’re team will sit with the legal team now and work out the language of their recommendations and once that’s completed it gets to the Attorney General, the Attorney General brings it to the Cabinet then we’ll get it to the House of Assembly.  So we’re making progress, I feel very good about it.”

The Minister also acknowledged the previous work of the various NGOs on the protection of women.  “Work that’s done by the Crisis Center on a regular basis and all the NGOs they do work and they contribute.  Now I wanted to bring all of that together.  And as we bring it all together and we cause for this commission to be had and then we’re able to put in place the necessary bodies, then we’ll have it under one umbrella dealing with issues and we’ll have a sustained approach to getting messages out.”