RBC wins CFI’s Best Digital Banking Services award in Caribbean


RBC Financial (Caribbean) Limited (“RBC”) has been awarded the coveted “Best Digital Banking Services – Caribbean 2022” by Capital Finance International (CFI). The award is an endorsement of the Bank’s strength in the area of digital banking.

“We are honoured to receive this recognition from Capital Finance International,” said Chris Ronald, Head of Caribbean.

“RBC has been on a digital transformation journey. We began this pursuit when we started to make significant investments in the channels we believed would be the future of banking across the region. We are grateful to CFI for recognizing the value of our digital banking channels. This award serves as a reminder that we are committed to anticipating howour client’s banking needs and preferences continue
to evolve so we can serve them today and in the future. This recognition supports our vision to be the premier digitally enabled relationship bank.”

A report by the panel of judges made available to the Bank states “access and convenience were the driving factors for the early investments. People rely on the Bank’s digital services, which have proven convenient in normal times and critical during a crisis, like the pandemic.”

RBC’s digital banking app has more than 170,000 active users who log in more than two million times each month. Transactions have been moving steadily away from the branch into self-serve channels, with a notable surge driven by the initialCOVID-19 lockdowns. Today, RBC clients do more transactions digitally than in the branch (over-the-counter).

The report further states “RBC Caribbean Banking has no intentions of becoming a digital-only bank. It will maintain a strategic branch network for more complex financial advice, supported by knowledgeable staff and modern banking infrastructure. The idea is to complement the Bank’s growing digital services with that ever-inestimable human touch.”