The Royal Bahamas Police Force held a commissioning ceremony for fifty new motorcycles on Wednesday.

Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander was in attendance at the RBPF Traffic Division building. He said, “we did our research and we came up with the best of the best with respect to our cycles. During the course of the past seven weeks we have identified a number of officers, just over fifty officers just training for the bikes. We had the professionals of the company that the cycles were purchased from, they came down assembled the bikes and are assisting the officers with respect to the training and also the maintenance.”

On how the new bikes are to be used the Commissioner said, “you now will see cycles assisting in the smooth flow of traffics, the rush hours in the morning and late afternoon. We also have a number of complaints where cyclists, especially on the weekends, they’re not obeying the law, the traffic laws. Individuals are riding bikes recklessly throughout the streets of New Providence especially on weekends, Sunday especially, not being licensed, not helmets, like its no law for them.”

The cost of the new motorcycles was not disclosed. The motorcycles were blessed by Royal Bahamas Police Force Chaplain Father Stephen Davies.