Tourism officials are currently on a sales mission to the west coast of the United States in California. The delegation is headed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper.

He said, “one of the points that I find fascinating is that L.A. is closer to Nassau than it is to Hawaii. So most people vacation in Hawaii from L.A., it takes six hours. You can get to the Bahamas in five hours. So this is going to be an important marketing tip for our guests. And there’s great excitement about this market already.”

The Minister further explained the potential of the L.A. market. “This is an affluent market. The 35,000 residents of Beverly Hills are all well in excess of $100,000 annual income. Its the target market we want but they don’t want to hop one, two flights to get to Nassau. They want non-stop direct,” Cooper said.

Cooper also met with the Chief Executive Officer of the Beverly Hills Commerce Todd Johnson and Michael Wiener of the Briland Club. He said, “we believe as ambassadors for The Bahamas, we ought to explore trade, business and investment.”