Director of Public Affairs and Communications of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings speaks out on missing persons in the country.

Skippings told ZNS News, “in times gone by I think it used to be forty eight hours when we encouraged persons to report their loved ones missing. But because of the increase in crime and the way things are moving now in the country we try to encourage people, as soon as you recognize that something is wrong we ask you to come forward and report that person missing, especially if you know you usually hear from them on a regular basis.”

The Chief Superintendent also spoke to reports of missing persons who are not actually missing. “Sometimes, especially with schools, parent drops of the child there is no communication between family members, aunt may go to the school to pick up their child and then they pick up the family member child and then the mother is wondering well I haven’t seen my child. But the majority of them are usually found and their usually found in good health.

Skipping appealed to parents to know where their kids are, who their friends are and discuss safety measures.