The Royal Bahamas Police Force has established a special unit to deal with sexual and domestic violence cases. There have been many examples of people, predominantly women, who have been the victims of sexual and or domestic abuse. The cases of Heavenly Terveus and Carissa Culmer, two deceased victims of domestic violence, sparked outrage among citizens in the past year.

Head of the new RBPF Domestic Violence Unit, Assistant Commissioner Dellareece Ferguson revealed sexual and domestic violence statistics up to August 23rd of this year. She described the numbers as startling.

There have been six murders associated with domestic violence thus far in 2022. On this Ferguson stated, ” we can tell you that of that six, four of them were with firearms, one was with stabbing and the other is unknown. Police officials predict should these numbers increase domestic violence murders would surpass those for 2020 and 2021 combined.

Assist Commissioner Ferguson appealed to the public to contact the police should they know of someone that is the victim of domestic violence.