The 49th Red Cross Ball was held over the weekend at the Atlantis Resort under the theme ‘We Ballin’…Lights, Camera, Action’. The event was attended by many local dignitaries including Governor General, His Excellency, the Most. Hon. Sir Cornelius Smith along with Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and his wife and other members of Cabinet.

Mr. Davis told ZNS News on the sidelines of the event, “our presence here also acknowledges that great work the Red Cross worldwide and in particular in The Bahamas.”

The titled sponsor for the event was the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. [BTC]. BTC CEO, Sameer Bhatti spoke at the event telling attendees, “the Red Cross is there for the most vulnerable, bringing change to the most needy. This aligns with our own corporate responsibility and our mission to connect communities and transform lives.”

The crowd was also addressed by Red Cross President, Terez Curry. Curry informed of the work of the Red Cross and thanked sponsors of the organization for their assistance.