DG Incorporated CEO, Corlette Deveaux previewed to ZNS News what to expect at a two day virtual seminar on senior care she is presenting in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association of America.

“We want to educate the general public, we want to educate Bahamians on what’s going on and what are the options to take care of seniors as they age. And its also important that we should learn this information because we’re all aging everyday and if we’re lucky we’re going to be a senior and we should have a plan. What is the plan? Do you want to stay living at home or do you want to age in a facility? It’s your decision. You decide and now is a good time to decide what you want for yourself.”

The seminar will feature fourteen speakers consisting of researchers, physicians and officials of the Alzheimers’ Association of America. The event will take place February 8th-9th.