The family of murder victim, Harrinique McPhee, are speaking out in the wake of her death. McPhee, 18, was shot along with a man, who is recovering in hospital, in the early morning hours this past Saturday.

The victim’s mother, Blanche Spencer told ZNS News she has lost three children in the past five years. “I got ready for work and I pass her right in front of the road there. I say Harrinique, I say, I goin’ nah its 12 o’clock. I say you goin’ for two or three. So she say I soon get ready mum.”

Spencer described her daughter as a quiet, sweet child who was passionate about music and life.

McPhee’s grandfather, Bishop Alfred Cooper of The Living Word Church of God said, “Harrinique used to be here before she deceased and she was an active young woman, young child in the church, in the choir, she sings, she’s a good singer and she was a good drummer.”

Asked what she would say to the perpetrators of her daughter’s murder, Spencer said she would forgive them and leave them to the Lord.